How to get free wsop chips?

By | September 24, 2019

The World Series of Poker is one of the best gambling games available at free of cost. However, it is placed with the sole purpose of entertainment and does not involve any kind of real money!

Well, with my years of experience into this game, I started writing this content with the intention of sharing the secret of winning free wsop chips.

Definitely, the game involves a lot of fun, and once you are able to crack the thread of winning free chips, it would appear even more interesting to anyone around!

Winning free WSOP chips

Coming to the secret, I would say that winning free WSOP chips is not a methodical process and there’s not just a single rule behind it.

I would rather say that winning free WSOP chips could be fetched through multiple options:

  • WSOP offers free chips to the players at an interval of 4 hours. All you need is to log in to the game and click on “Collect free chips” button from the lobby to claim it. The number of chips you receive depends actually on the level of your game.
  • Users who are playing WSOP via their Facebook account will be able to receive an extra token of $250,000 free chips.
  • Using promo codes that are available on a seasonal basis can actually help you collect a greater number of free chips. Use WSOP redeem codes, and you will fetch more chips.
  • You can get free chips from WSOP fan page as well. Here, you get those chips for answering different questions, clicking on the link as well as by playing different other recommended games.
  • Being a player of WSOP, you get various status based on which you receive rewards. As your status is increased along with the levels, you receive bonus packages or welcome bonus amounts, and gifts as your support options.
  • You can get opportunities to win by spinning the mega bonus wheel.
  • Besides, you receive free chips by inviting your friends to play!
  • You get periodic chips giveaways at times. This, in turn, allows you to opt for bonus chips at an interval of 2 hours instead of 4 hours, and this provision is offered particularly during the Turbo Time.
  • From the Facebook page under the Events tab, you are provided with the options to reserve your seat for some of the tournaments and grab coins from there!
  • Last but not the least, if you are really eager to win free chips, you may go for WSOP online chip generators wherein you can put in your username, gaming platform and the number of chips you are willing to generate.

Mega Bonus

With the Mega Bonus available to you, one can win up to 400,000 free bonus chips on a spin. In case you aren’t that lucky, you will still not go barehanded for it will offer you with around 30,000 free chips.